How to warm your plant in cold days?

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In winter, people always stay home as it is too cold to be in outside, so does plants! Human beings have many method to prevent cold, how about plants? Below are some tips for warming plants.

  1. Move plants to leeward if it is small one and can be moved. Pls. note that you cannot place it beside the window, though it can get some sunshine in the daytime, it will be colder during night, and your plants may be killed by the severe winter. So
  2. DO not water! The cold water may cause plants root frostbite. Besides, the chilly plants will enter sleep mode, no growing, no need water!
  3. Do not apply fertilizer! Same as the water, plants do not need any nutrition at this time!


There is some ways to warm the plants

  • Place the plants to aquarium. This is an efficient way, but pls. note put the same plant together in one aquarium as the needs vary from different plants.If you place different plants together, it is really a big trouble when taking care of them.
  • Place the plants to styrofoan box.
  • Cover the plants with black net! It can be used for sunshade, also for warm!


However, these method can only keep warm, the plants won’t die by the cold winter but also stop growth, is there better way that can warm it and enhance the growth?

The answer is YES! A grow system can meet this requirement! It includes grow tent, grow light and watering system, this will help you grow plants even in a heavy snow day!


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