If marijuana grower will boost during a short period

Posted by Meiying Xiao on

Proposition 64 allowed individuals at 21 or older to use and grow marijuana for personal or recreational use on November 9, 2016. However, sale and taxation is not effective until until January 1, 2018, so a shoot-up for marijuana grower is not still pending in someone’s opinion.

With the development of medicinal marijuana, people begin to accept marijuana as it can take away your headache, relief cancer, help you get peace, so after proposition 64, there must be more and more people start to grow marijuana, MAGZO grow lights talked with some Americans, they are considering to grow, only thing they worried is that they are noviciate, they need some skills or tips, know more about seeds, lights, temperature, etc.

In a word, marijuana growth fever is sweeping over California, MAGZO is ready to offer you the best grow light here!

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