Why choose LED grow light?

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Here is a story from one of the customer, it show how a novice beat veteran in growing plant.

 I was permitted to grow mariguana this year, as a novice, I did a lot of researches, and finally bought an LED grow light from website, which will help plant increase the yield. However, my father, a die-hard HPS/MH fan, was really upset about this light, and didn't think it would work well for my plants. My momma was on my side and supported my expensive choose, yes, expensive, I paid more for this light.

The game was officially started then.

The light had two switches for VEG and BlOOM, so it was very easy and simple for me to use it. My baby seemed to to enjoy the light and was thriving, in several days it doubled in width and height. What’s more, it’s really cheap to run, no more heat issues, no more high electric bills, the most exciting is the high yield, in high quality, I got nearly 2 oz per plant, it was about 1/2 oz more than my father’s, but it cut my electric bill in half, wow!!!!  

 choose LED grow light

This is the reason you choose LED grow light, high efficient, high yield, and simple use, less electric bills!!!!!

Do you have any other reason to choose LED grow light?

Contact MAGZO to display more reasons?

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